About Us


Established as a producer ın the plastıc packaging sector in 1970, with almost five decades of experience behind us we have continued to serve In this sector under the name Albaos Plastic since 2006. With our technology and experience we continue to meet this sector's needs and are able to keep up with innovations. Today, we take pridein being plonecers in the production and manufacturing  of compostable bags in Turkey.


What is the target

We protect the environment by offering our services to wider masses with a social awareness in using our natural resources in more efticlent and benefiıcial ways. We aim to do our part in order to protect and preserve the environment for future generatlons to come.


How are we doing

With 48 years of experience we offer to meet our customers” needs by producıng and manufacturing highguality products at competitive and sustalnable prices. It has always been a fundamental principal of ours to be environmentalIy consicious, reliable and trustworthy in our business endevours. Rather than harm our planet we continue to be benetıiclal to both our environment and country with our experienced team and plant-based compostable products.